7:30AM TO 12PM

  • Do you need a TAKE OUT?
Do you need a TAKE OUT?     $19.99

We offer the option of “Take Out” with scrambled eggs or omelets, 2 sausages, 2 bacons, fries and 1 pancake or french toast for only $19.99
Make your order now: +1 (207) 360-0380

Você precisa de um "TAKE OUT"?    $19.99

Nós oferecemos a opção de “Take Out” com ovos mexidos ou omeletes, 2 sausichas, 2 bacons, batata frita e 1 panqueca ou french toast por apenas $19.99
Faça seu pedido agora: +1 (207) 360-0380

Start your day with us!

All you can eat

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and here at Bonissoni Steakhouse, we’ve got everything you’ll need to set you up for the big day ahead.


From 7:00am to 11:30am

All you can Eat

- Fruits: Fresh seasonal fruit
- Coffee
- Milk / Cream
- Home potato fry
- Sausage
- Applewood Bacon
- Scrambled Eggs
- Omelette (of the day)
- Pancakes Buttermilk
- Syrup
- French Toast
- Mini Hambúrguer
- Cake (of the day)
- Bolinho de Chuva (Brazilian Style Cake)



Natural Juices

Natural Juices


Orange & Acerola - Orange & Strawberry - Pineapple & mint - Pineapple & passion fruit - Guava - Graviola - Acerola - Cashew - Acai

Natural smoothies

Natural Juices - Smoothie


Banana & Strawberry - Acai - Acerola - Passion fruit - Guava - Graviola


Reserve A Table

In addition to the wonderful barbecue you also have the best wines coming directly from the most renowned Italian wineries.