outside menu

Patio Experience - With drinks and exclusive menu | FROM 12PM

Brazilian Fried Chicken (Frango a Passarinho) & French Fries


Bonissoni Mini Steak Burgers & French Fries


Chicken Ceaser Wrap & French Fries


Ground Beef Pastel & Cheese Bread


* Eating raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Drinks & Cocktails


Panna Spring Water 500ml


Panna Spring Water​ 500ml

Panna Spring Water 1l


Panna Spring Water​ 1L

Saratoga Spring Water 1l


Saratoga Spring Water​ 1L

San Pelegrino 500ml


San pelegrino Sparkling Water 500ml

San Pelegrino 1l


San pelegrino Sparkling Water 1L

Soft Drinks


Pepsi - Diet Pepsi - Ginger Ale - Tropicana Lemonade - Unsweetened Ice Tea

Guaraná Antarctica & Guaraná Antarctica Diet


Guaraná Antarctica​ Can


Bonissoni Premium Caipirinha


Aged cachaça, fresh muddle limes, sugar

Shore Road Caipirinha


Cachaça, fresh muddle limes, fresh pineapple and sugar

Sun Rise Caipirinha


Cachaça, fresh muddle limes, fresh passion fruit and sugar

Marginal Way Caipirinha


Cachaça, fresh muddle limes, fresh strawberries and sugar



Vodka, fresh muddle limes and sugar

natural juices

Fresh Juices


Pineapple with mint - Pineapple with passion fruit - Guava - Graviola - Acerola - Mango - Cashew - Acai



Banana / Strawberry - Acai - Acerola - Passion Fruit - Guava - Graviola


Lone Pine IPA


Geary's Brown Ale


Allagash White


Corona Extra


Happy Hour



Ogunquit Margarita


Espolon silver tequila, orange liquor, fresh lime juice and mango pulp

Bonissoni's Mojito


White rum, mint from our garden, lime, sugar and strawberries

Blood Orange Spritz


Blood orange liquor, lemon juice, soda water and sparkling rose

Bonissoni's Mai Tai


White rum, spiced rum, demerara sugar, passion fruit, orgeat and lime


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