This winter time we brought something new to our restaurant FOR LIMITED TIME


There will be 8 savory pizza, 2 sweet pizza + 3 options of soups that will be served on your table per your request.

Soups Appetizer

Vegetable Soup

Beef Stew Soup

Chicken Soup

Pizzas by Rounds

savory pizzas

Italian Pepperoni

Pizza sauce , cheese and italian pepperoni

Cheese Pizza

Pizza sauce and cheese

4 Cheese Pizza

Tomato sauce, mozarela cheese, fresh mozzarella, catupiry, gorgonzola

Hawaiian Pizza

Cheese mozarela, bacon, chicken, pineapple, red onions, crush red peppers, barbecue sauce, scallions

Chicken Catupiry

Garlic sauce bechamel , sheared chicken, catupiry

Bonissoni Steak Pizza

Onions Caramelized, sheared prime steaks beef, gorgonzola cheese

Margherita Pizza

Fresh roma tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, fresh garlic and oregano

Prosciutto Pizza

Garlic bechamel sauce, prosciutto, fresh mozarela and fresh arugula

sweet pizzas

Brigadeiro & Strawberry

Brigadeiro chocolate with strawberry

Banana Caramel

Banana with caramel


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