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Rodízio A Brazilian Experience

We really encourage you to try our Rodízio for an affordable flat rate of $59.99

  • A Full Brazilian Experience
  • Do you need a TAKE OUT?
  • A La Carte

The Brazilian barbecue is served in a “Rodízio” (rounds) by the servers (Gaúchos) who bring to your table the meat of your choice, at your desired temperature and slice it right in front of you. This way, you have unlimited meat and side dishes for an affordable flat rate.

Do you need a TAKE OUT?     $32.99

We offer a take out option with rice, beans, Brazilian vinaigrette, mashed potatoes and your choice of two meats that you can choose from the fallowing options: Top Sirloin, Pork Sausage, Bottom Sirloin and Bacon Wrapped Chicken for only $32.99
Make your order now: +1 (207) 360-0380

Você precisa de um "TAKE OUT"?     $32.99

Nós oferecemos a opção de “Take Out” com arroz, feijão, vinagrete, purê de batata e dois tipos de carnes à qual você pode escolher dentre as seguintes opções: Picanha, Linguiça, Fraldinha e Bacon Enrolado no Frango por apenas $32.99
Faça seu pedido agora: +1 (207) 360-0380

Our A La Carte menu has two options and each option has two sides that you can choose from our list of Brazilian Side Dishes on this page below.

Prime Ribeye 12 oz   $59.99   (2 sides)
Salt, pepper, butter, and fresh rosemary.

Suggested Sides: Mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Chicken Piccata 12 oz     $55.99    (2 sides) 
Butter, garlic, capers, fresh lime juice, white wine, a touch of lemon, Salt, and black peppers.

Suggested Sides: Mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Chicken Marsala 12 oz    $55.99    (2 sides) 
Butter, garlic, mushrooms, salt pepper, and Marsala wine.

Suggested Sides: Mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Prime meats


Filet Mignon Bovino

Top Sirloin


Pork Loin

Lombo de Porco

Pork Sausage


Prime Part of the
Top Sirloin


Bottom Sirloin


Rack Lamb or Leg
of Lamb

Pernil de Cordeiro

Beef Ribs

Costela Bovina

Bacon - Wrapped

Bacon - Enrolado no Frango

Chicken Wings

Asa de Frango

Chicken Heart

Coração de Galinha


Bife Ancho

* Eating raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Brazilian Side Dishes

Warm Pão de
(Cheese Bread)

Fry Cheese Pastel

Crispy Polenta

Mashed Potatoes

Fried Plantain

French Fries
Fried Yuca


Brazilian Beans

Yuca flour toasted
in olive oil, mixed
with Bacon

Green Collard w/ Garlic

Coalho Cheese
with Honey

Pineapple Grilled
with Cinnamon


Ceasar Salad

Hearts of Palm



Arugula Salad

Potato Salad

Fresh Mozzarella +
Cilliege Tomatoes

Brazilian Vinaigrette

* Eating raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.


Kids Ice Cream


Vanilla Ice Cream

Flambé Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream


Delicious flambéed bananas
accompanied with creamy vanilla ice cream

Papaya Cream


Fresh Papaya blend with vanilla
bean ice cream topped with
rème de Cassis.

Passion Fruit Mousse


Condensed Milk, imported cream milk, fresh passion fruit.

Brazilian Flan


Brazilian Flan with Double-Caramel on the side.

Tres Leches


Delicate white cake is soaked
with three milks
(sweetened condensed, evaporated and heavy cream).

Petit Gateau with Vanilla Ice Cream


Chocolate cake with peel and
creamy filling accompanied with delicious vanilla ice cream

Strawberry Passion Cake


Fresh strawberries with Vanilla Cake and Vanilla Cream

Bonissoni Fusion Chocolate Cake


Brigadeiro with mousse chocolate with Vanilla Cake
and Vanilla Cream

Drinks | Wines


Panna Spring Water 500ml


Panna Spring Water​ 500ml

Panna Spring Water 1l


Panna Spring Water​ 1L

Saratoga Spring Water 1l


Saratoga Spring Water​ 1L

San Pelegrino 500ml


San pelegrino Sparkling Water 500ml

San Pelegrino 1l


San pelegrino Sparkling Water 1L

Soft Drinks


Pepsi - Diet Pepsi - Ginger Ale - Tropicana Lemonade - Unsweetened Ice Tea

Guaraná Antarctica & Guaraná Antarctica Diet


Guaraná Antarctica​ Can



Lemon - Orange

Natural Juices


Pineapple with mint - Pineapple with passion fruit - Guava - Graviola - Acerola - Mango - Cashew - Acai

Natural Juices - Smoothie


Banana / Strawberry - Acai - Acerola - Passion Fruit - Guava - Graviola


Bonissoni Premium Caipirinha


Aged cachaça, fresh muddle limes, sugar

Shore Road Caipirinha


Cachaça, fresh muddle limes, fresh pineapple and sugar

Sun Rise Caipirinha


Cachaça, fresh muddle limes, fresh passion fruit and sugar

Marginal Way Caipirinha


Cachaça, fresh muddle limes, fresh strawberries and sugar

Copacabana Gin


St.Germain, Tanqueray Gin, Strawberry, Lemon and Ginger Ale Splash


Lone Pine IPA


Geary's Brown Ale


Allagash White


Corona Extra


Happy Hour



Duque Signature (NEW)


Vodka, Milk cream, Coconut milk, Condensed milk and Graviola

Fall Gin


Apple Cider, Cinnamon Stick, Clove Buds, Tanqueray Gin, Orange and Tonic Water Splash

Bourbon Smash


Maker’s Mark, Lemon, Fresh Mint Leaves, Maple Syrup, and Soda Water

Bonissoni Margarita


1800 Silver, fresh Passion Fruit, fresh Orange Splash, Lime juice and Simple Syrup

Apple Cider Margarita


Tequila, Fresh lime, orange liqueur, apple cider, cinnamon and sugar for the rim

Villa Varago Chambord


Italian Prosecco, Chambord and blueberries

Ocean Breeze Vodka


Absolut vodka, blue curação, lemon juice and blueberries

Bonissoni Sangria


Per Onore Wine, fresh orange juice, splash cranberry juice, raspberry liqueur, splash pineapple juice and soda water.

Chocolate Bailey’s Martini


Vodka, chocolate syrup, baileys and Godiva chocolate liqueur.


Irish Coffee


Jamenson Wisky, Irish cream Bailey’s, coffee and whipped cream.

Jamaica Coffee


Myer’s Rum, Kahlúa, coffee and whipped cream on top.

Bonissoni Coffee


Godiva white chocolate liqueur, Express Coffee, Ciroc Vodka, Chocolate syrup and pieces of chocolate


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